Sunday, 29 December 2013

Miscellaneous Lists 2013

Reading List
Wolf Hall – Hilary Mantel
Kitchen / Moonlight Shadow – Banana Yoshimoto
Cloud Atlas – David Mitchell
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland / Through the Looking Glass – Lewis Carroll
The Red Book – Carl Jung
Nausea – Jean Paul Satre
Being + Nothingness – Jean Paul Satre
Mrs Dalloway – Virginia Woolfe
Wind-up Bird Chronicle – Haruki Murakami
As Consciousness is Harnessed into Flesh: Diaries 1964 – 1980 – Susan Sontag
Nietzsche – The Genealogy of Morals

Favourite (Music) Articles/Interviews of the Year

“While most pop singers bounce from one marketable persona to another, Monáe stands her ground in this Afrofuturist vision she’s been creating for about a decade. Other pop artists are tourists; she’s building a city.”

Loud and Quiet interview with Poliça’s Channy Leaneagh,

“I feel like you can’t make the right creative decision because it gets picked apart so much, and then you’re like, ‘oh shoot, I just totally ruined the path of this record, and I didn’t mean for it to make a statement’. It’s like when people ask me why I named my daughter Pelegia. Well, I had tons of reasons, but if I explained them now they’d sound stupid. She was just Pelegia, that was her name.”

Fractured Air interview of Julia Holter by actor Cillian Murphy.

Dummy Mag. Laurel Halo.

One of the most on-point assessments of Yeezus I’ve read all year.

Bee in the bonnet – on females and the music industry,

 “In the case of Grimes, Boucher's great trespass was mutability. It implied that Visions was not art, but just a parcel to her extended play of dress-up. Through her videos and stage wear, she flirted with Gothic Lolita, manga-fied superheroine, neon-clad Sea Punk. Regardless of what that tells us about Boucher, it reads as immaturity, typical teenage-girl phases rather than a rapid artistic evolution. She doesn't really know who she is; she's merely flitting through whatever strikes her fancy. She is not serious about music. Her playful experimentation was written off as "human meme" (Stereogum) and, most derisively, "a human Pinterest board" (the Onion A.V. Club) for adopting ideas as they inspired her. Perhaps if she stopped dyeing her hair and ditched the MPC for an acoustic and some Bon Iver–grade earnestness, she could be taken seriously.”

Another great piece from Dummy Mag.

Then you have articles like this which are well meaning but equally problematic.

Stories We Tell
52 Tuesdays
Cloud Atlas
What Maise Knew
Café de Flores
‘Before’ Series
Vicky Christina Barcelona

Breaking Bad
Bomb Girls
Orphan Black
Top of the Lake
Orange is the New Black
Parks and Recreation
Rookie Blue
My Mad Fat Diary

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